Metaphysical guide

Agate is a soothing and calming crystal. It can release stress, bring relaxation and help you to stop worrying.

Crazy Lace Agate is said to relieve emotional pain and to encourage self-confidence and self-acceptance.

Blue Lace Agate is believed to aid illnesses such as arthritis, growth and bone pains, headaches, and digestive disorders.

Moss Agate is said to encourage an optimistic outlook and to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Amazonite is a calming stone believed to dispel negative energy and to improve confidence, leadership and communication.

Amethyst is a powerful aid to creative thinking, spiritual awareness and healing. It is believed to ease headaches, relieve pain and help combat insomnia.

Chevron Amethyst combines the strengthening and enhancing energies of quartz with the stress relieving energies of amethyst. Together these minerals enhance peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery. It can bring courage and inner strength.

Apatite is a stone for inspiration, for encouraging creativity and for enhancing communication and self-expression.

Chrysocolla is a tranquil and sustaining stone. It brings acceptance and peace of mind, inspires creativity and encourages compassion and nurturing.

Citrine is the ultimate 'feel good' gemstone. It aids emotional well-being, creativity, decisiveness and focus and attracts abundance on all levels.

Fuchsite encourages the sense of true self-worth and self-reliance.

Heliotrope (Bloodstone) is known as the Stone for Good Health. It is believed to be an excellent blood purifier, a powerful healer and to be an effective aid to revitalisation.

Ocean Jasper is a sustaining crystal that helps to encourage self-love and a love of others. It is a good emotional healer and can bring peace of mind and tranquillity.

Scenic Jasper is an earthy, harmonising stone that is said to aid creative visualisation, creativity and business pursuits.

Red Jasper is a gently stimulating crystal that is said to allow you insight into difficult situations. It makes an excellent 'worry bead' as it calms the emotions when handled.

Labradorite is said to be the 'Stone of Destiny' as it helps you to find your true path. It also promotes wisdom, understanding and patience and deflects unwanted energies.

Lapis Lazuli encourages self-knowledge and self-expression. It is a powerful thought amplifier, stimulating the higher levels of the mind, bringing clarity and objectivity.

Malachite can help bring harmony into your life by aiding the release of past traumas and negative emotions. It is a powerful amplifying stone that can increase positive feelings.

Snowflake Obsidian promotes inner centering, bringing peace and balance to the mind and body. It is also said to help you to recognise negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour and to help you to change them.

Peruvian Pink Opal is a mood-lifting stone, helping to alleviate stress and to bring the sweetness and lightness back into life.

Rose Quartz is known as 'The Stone of Unconditional Love'. It is believed to encourage love, forgiveness and compassion.

Rhodonite is a crystal for emotional healing. It can clear away emotional wounds and scars from the past and allow you to achieve your highest potential.

Tigers Eye is both grounding and uplifting. It promotes a positive attitude, laughter and humour, and it is said to attract prosperity, wealth and success.

Black Tiger Eye (Tiger Iron) is a combination of Haematite, Jasper and Tigers Eye. It is said to promote vitality, confidence, will power and motivation.

Unakite has a gentle, calm, balancing energy that encourages you to love yourself. It is also believed to aid healthy pregnancy.